Benefits of virtual conferences and online fairs

Congresses, conferences and fairs are an important economic factor with promising perspectives. These kinds of events are usually accompanied by a long journey and high costs for participants and the hosts. A more cost-efficient and sustainable alternative are virtual events. Only a device with internet access is needed to participate at such events - this is a huge saving of time and travel cost! Also, more participants can be addressed and more leads are generated by the host and the exhibitors. But it is not just about reach: live interaction gives the online participants a real event feeling. Examples are group chats in networking lounges or individual chats at virtual booths.


With ubivent’s help, the Institute for Cloud Computing (IfCC) hosted the “ProCloud Forum - the online congress for cloud computing". At this virtual congress various providers present their cloud solutions at virtual booths. The highlight of this event was the live stream of a panel discussion. The online participants were able to ask questions which have been answered directly via the live video stream. Prof. Dr. Uwe Hannig, head of the IfCC, confirms the success of the virtual event: „Most of our participants are very busy IT professionals and it is a great achievement that we can give them the opportunity to take part in the forum despite their tight schedules. The ubivent platform for virtual events enabled us both to achieve high reach as well as to increase the networking and interaction for our target group.“

Virtueller Kongress

MAN, the world’s leading producer of utility vehicles, holds virtual events and interactive live streams to enhance the reach of physical events. For example, in advance of the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA), the international press representatives from more than 40 countries could find documents and materials on new innovations in virtual showrooms. Furthermore, a press conference was streamed live in German and English. Manfred Schurer, Head of e-Communications for MAN, praises this project: „ubivent was quick and flexible to provide us with an innovative platform. We were able to reach our internal and external stakeholders all over the world without any issue. Together, we have shown how international events will be held in the future.“

virtual MAN event

Other usage scenarios are for example virtual employee events such as field kick off meetings and R&D conferences. Cost reduction is a very important advantage of such internal company events. Such events are often used to exchange confidential information, which is supposed to reach employees all over the world but must not leave the boundaries of the company. The ubivent platform has implemented high security procedures to cope with these specific requirements. Here you can see how Roche Diabetes Care conducts such company-internal virtual events.

Virtual employee events

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